Transforming yacht interiors with high-quality vinyl wrap | Mallorca
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Deckhead Wrapping


Xtechmarine has been wrapping Deckheads on Superyachts since 2014. With several thousand Sq meters of deckheads wrapped, we can testify to the advantages of wrapping instead of painting. The advantages of wrapping are clear. It is very difficult for the painters to get an even consistent coat that won’t show different shades when the deckheads are installed. If a deckhead gets damaged it is very difficult to respray it and match it to the others. With wrapping it’s a simple quick process to remove the damaged wrap and replace it with new vinyl that is exactly the same.

The logistics of wrapping the deckheads is much simpler. They can be removed,  stored, Prepped, and wrapped away from the yacht. They can be installed whenever the boat is ready for them. Xtechmarine use top-quality 3M vinyl with a product guarantee of 5 years.

Xtechmarine is happy to provide sample-wrapped panels for inspection.