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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film, protecting your Asset

Reduce the expense of repainting and protect your yacht with our Paint Protection Film

Vessels and yachts are constantly at the mercy of the elements and more recently vandalism, resulting in fading and damage to their once-glossy finishes. The need for frequent and costly repainting is a reality that yacht owners cannot ignore. Thankfully, Paint Protection Film (PPF) offers a solution that provides a range of benefits for yacht owners who want to protect their investments.


PPF film is a product that was originally developed to protect against the harsh elements that can easily damage the yacht’s paintwork. By installing PPF film on your yacht, you can shield your valuable paint job from damage from the sun, sand, and saltwater as well as providing a protective layer against acts of vandalism – all while keeping your vessel looking great for years to come.


We have already successfully fitted this product to numerous yachts and received glowing feedback from our clients. Our PPF film offers a glossy finish with guaranteed no yellowing, and it can self-heal from bumps and scratches. Furthermore, it can be washed and polished just like normal paintwork.  PPF will also transform a matte surface into a high-gloss finish. Our ten-year product guarantee gives yacht owners the confidence that their investment will remain protected for years to come.

The advantages of installing PPF film on your yacht are numerous:


  • First and foremost, it can save you millions in repainting costs by keeping your yacht’s paintwork in pristine condition for an extended period of time.
  • It can prevent corrosion and fading, which can lead to expensive repairs in the future.
  • It protects your yacht from damage caused by export to sun, saltwater, sand and airborne pollutants(?)
  • It provides an additional layer of protection to the paintwork from acts of vandalism
  • Our Paint Protection film can be easily removed without causing any damage to your yacht’s paintwork.


At Xtechmarine, we are delighted to provide a sample of our PPF film to fit onto your yacht. We can even advise on the areas that would benefit the most from installation. Over the years, we have seen this product prove itself on the hulls of multiple yachts, and we firmly believe that it is the perfect solution for yacht owners.

With ever escalating attacks and damage to private property by campaigners, get peace of mind, protect your yacht and save thousands with our Paint Protection Film