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Paintwork Protection for your yacht

Paintwork Protection for your yacht

With ever escalating attacks and damage to private property by climate activists, get peace of mind, protect your yacht and save thousands with our Paint Protection Film.

Originally developed to protect against the harsh elements that can easily damage the yacht’s paintwork such as saltwater, sand and the sun – our PPF can also protect against deliberate acts of damage. With rising levels of vandalism by protestors across Europe, such as just recently where paint was sprayed over the 100m yacht Kaos (formerly Jubilee) in Ibiza.

Owned by the Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie, Kaos’ paintwork was damaged by two climate activists from Futuro Vegetal who used fire extinguishers to deface the superyacht in red and black paint. The crew quickly attempted to wash the paint off with water but it is estimated that the vandalism could cost millions to repair.

Our PPF treatment not only keeps your vessel looking great for years to come but also provides a glossy finish with guaranteed no yellowing, it can self-heal from bumps and scratches, is easily removable and most importantly protects your yacht.

For more information please visit our paint protection page, or to join other yacht owners who have already used this treatment please contact us today.